‘Afsql’ error on syslog-ng resolved

Problem Solved

I encountered the `module=’afsql’` error after the installation of syslog-ng on CentOS 6.5. The error is as below:- Plugin module not found in ‘module-path’; module-path=’/lib64/syslog-ng’, module=’afsql’ I’ve resolved the problem based on this forum discussion. [thanks] The solution is to install syslog-ng-libdbi using the following command. yum install syslog-ng-libdbi

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Drop SMTP connection at HELO/EHLO matching machine name

Email Admin

Recently there has been many rogue incoming SMTP connections from different IP addresses with the same machine name – “ylmf-pc“. My guess is that these different machines were infected with malware and this malware is utilizing the machine to perform brute force password attack to gain authorization. My server is hosting cPanel and thus using …

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